B J Stevenson


I started with a mid-west foundation, then lived on both coasts and more times in the middle. In my childhood, art was part of our family life, a form of learning and entertainment. My ancestral background of English, Irish, Scotch and German, added to the abstract feeling about my life. So it was no surprise to me that when I found my medium, stone, in 1973, I began carving abstract sculptures. As I continued to move around the country, I studied with renowned artists all over the United States. I also studied the areas of intuition, meditation, and the study of consciousness to help me access the creative flow.



Artist Statement


My work has been about ‘going inside’ to access a creative world. Working without knowing, planning or seeing keeps me with the sculpture. Letting go of judgments and comparisons amazes me. An inner dialogue occurs between the stone and myself, and form is revealed. The 3 dimensionality that emerges fascinates me. The areas of intuition, meditation, and the study of consciousness are the tools that help me to immerse myself in this creative “flow”. It continues to remind me to look at life from different perspectives.



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