Carol Golemme

My formal training was at the University of Georgia with continued classes and work shown at the Sotheby’s Home Center in Cohasset, South Shore Art Center, Duxbury Art Center, North River Art Center, Cape Cod Art Association, Plymouth Guild Russell Gallery, and The Gallery in Pembroke in Massachusetts. After moving to California, I have continued my studies at the Pacific Art League and Palo Alto Art Center, showing my work at both venues in addition to the Coastal Art League, Sanchez Art Center, Olive Hyde Gallery, Saratoga Library, Los Altos Gallery 9, Los Altos Hills Town Hall, San Francisco Women Art Gallery, Peninsula Museum of Art Studios, and Twin Pines Art Center Manor House in Belmont.

Juried into the Peninsula Museum of Art Studio Artists, my work can be seen in Studio 21. 

Currently living in Palo Alto, Ca., I enjoy being surrounded by the amazing west coast environment that continues to inspire my work.  

Artist Statement

Art is a form of communicating that transcends language and cultural barriers. It connects us in a special way. Each individual has such a unique interpretation. I'm often shown perspectives in my paintings that I had not noticed. The process of creating designs, expressing energy and the reactions from those who view my work are enriching experiences for me. 

Painting bold energetic acrylic abstracts, harmony and motion are strong influences to my compositions. My inspiration comes from the many countries and cultures I have experienced. The reflection of light dancing in the water, beautiful skies, deep rich colors of flowers and the organic patterns found in nature guide the framework of my painting.  

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