Doris Arrington

Born in Texas, I received a BS in Art Education from the University of Houston. I served as Educational Curator for the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston and then the family was transferred to Northern California where we have spent the rest of our lives. I earned an MA from the College of Notre Dame and then a doctorate from the University of San Francisco. In the early 80’s I founded the Art Therapy Psychology Department at the now Notre Dame de Namur University and served as Department Chair and professor for 30 years. I have always created in either word or image. As an adult I have traveled the world training caregivers how to use art materials and images to rehabilitate individuals from their trauma. I have sponsored art exhibits in prestigious galleries, government buildings, University halls and caring communities. I have authored articles, chapters and books on art topics. As an original member of the Twin Pines Art Center in Belmont, CA, I have recently returned to an art career exhibiting paintings and assemblages in galleries, seminaries, and churches.

Artist Statement

Art is soul. There has never been a time in my life when I was not involved in creating. At one time it was making sense of the world I lived in. At another, it was explaining my world to those around me. At another, I has helping to sculpt three awesome young men. At another I was running art programs for children and sharing their experiences with the public. For the past 30 years I have been helping artists create careers working with the pain of others. Now I have been blessed with time, space, and support to create the images, colors and assemblages that keep exploding from my soul.

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