Kevyn Warnock

The Artist studied Art at the University of Utah and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Warnock’s works have been shown throughout the Bay area including competitive shows such as the Bay Arts, Pacific Art League of Palo Alto and she was one of the featured artists in the 2005 Peninsula Museum of Art, landscape exhibition. She has received acceptance in major national competitions including several prestigious Utah Springville Annual Salons.

Her work is represented in corporate and many private collections.

Artist Statement

My Art has always filled my life. It is how I perceive this world around me.

I see landscapes as patterns, as light playing on a scene and as subtle colors created by the change of seasons and time.

I see the human form integrated in these landscapes as part and whole of life’s interaction with nature. We are so small.

My emotional response to the scenes and intimate involvement of the painting process is my way of conveying that response to the viewer.

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