Susan Switzer

With my art I try to capture a beautiful moment in time, presenting a gentle sensitive view of my world. Really looking and seeing what is in front of me.

I paint with oils using traditional methods with layers of glazes, botanical watercolors with delicate details, and portraits and figure drawing using warm, soft sensitive shadings. 

At 16 I was blessed by being a protege of Italian master Roberto Lupetti. He had done restoration on the Sistine Chapel ceiling and at the Vatican. I earned a BA in Art and three California teaching credentials. I believe in the old phrase "Learn a skill, master a skill, then teach the skill." I pass along this healing, relaxing experience by sharing my knowledge with my students. I am currently teaching children and adults beginning through advanced in my Studio 10.

I have shown my work in Carmel galleries. Years of painting and studio teaching has resulted in many privately commissioned paintings and portraits.

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