• The Grand Tour, Museum Galleries

    Ruth Waters | May 14, 2020

    Update: PMA has closed its doors due to loss of lease and Covid. We will keep a virtual presence as we find a new museum location. Please enjoy the virtual tour below.


    Welcome to the Grand Tour!

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  • The Grand Tour, Second Floor

    | May 3, 2020

    Welcome to the Grand Tour!

    Well, yes, we are currently closed.  Until we are able to welcome you in person, we thought you might enjoy a (virtual) Grand Tour of the current exhibitions AND an impromptu peek into our 28 working studios for professional artists. 

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  • The Grand Tour, First Floor

    | May 4, 2020

    Welcome to the Grand Tour!

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  • Celebrate Open Studios Nov 9th

    LT | Oct 25, 2019

    It is autumn and PMA's studio artists are excited to welcome visitors to what may be our last open studios event at the Burlingame location. What a wonderful building this has been to work and learn within, both with our studio mates as well as with the invited exhibiting artists.

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  • Rising Up in New Directions

    LT | Oct 1, 2019

    PMA and the Studios are in great flux right now, having been informed that the building is going to be torn down at some time in the not too distant future. We continue to navigate at our best as we throw ourselves into whatever creative energies come up in the moment.

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  • Art Talk and and Butoh Dance

    Christina Chahal | Jun 20, 2019

    On Sunday June 30, beginning at 2 pm, PMA presents a slideshow of Tess Felix's artwork (Decker Gallery A). In addition, there will be a special 20 minute Butoh dance performance by guest artist Eric Larsen.

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  • Opening Studio Doors in May

    LT | Mar 29, 2019

    The Studio Artists at PMA will soon be opening their doors on May 4th and 5th as they participate in the peninsula wide Silicon Valley Open Studios event. This is always a joyous time of discovery, revelation and community spirit, all revolving around the creative spirit that is so important to successful living.

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  • Never Wait at a Barrier

    LT | Jan 25, 2019

    This morning I opened Rolling Stone magazine to find an article called “Nick Kroll’s Filthy Teen Spirit.” Normally I would pass on something like this, but the exuberant, funny photographs of Kroll and two cartoon characters drew my attention… as did this quote in the first paragraph, said to have been whispered to Kroll in a restaurant by a 10-year old boy: “I’m not allowed to watch it, but I

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  • Got Grit?

    LT | Dec 13, 2018

    A number of artists presently exhibiting at PMA explore dark questions that many of us do not have the courage or ability to bring out onto our personal tables. Viewing this artwork can serve as a bridge towards understanding ourselves.

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  • Fall Open Studios Weekend

    LT | Oct 31, 2018

    It is that wonderful time of year when the autumn leaves shift in hue and 30 PMA Studio Artists open up their doors to the public. Please join us on November 10 & 11 for a lively weekend of art talk and demonstrations, drinks and delectables. There will be art energy spilling out and about...

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