Celebrate Open Studios Nov 9th

Celebrate Open Studios Nov 9th

It is autumn and PMA's studio artists are excited to welcome visitors to what may be our last open studios event at the Burlingame location. What a wonderful building this has been to work and learn within, both with our studio mates as well as with the invited exhibiting artists. It has been an especially rewarding experience to meet and chat with the many art enthusiasts who have enthusiastically frequented the galleries of the museum, often taking the time to chat with the studio artists at work.

Studio Artist Kevyn Warnock, who had a solo exhibition with PMA when it was located in the Twin Pines, Belmont location, has enjoyed the artistic diversity and volunteer opportunities at the Burlingame facility.

It is hard to believe this will be our last group show for the studio artists. I have so enjoyed my job helping to curate the shows along with John
Csongradi. Great fun and a good way to become familiar with the other 29 artists in our group. How lucky the art is first rate, making it easy to present a great exhibit. I shall miss the Peninsula Museum of Art, Burlingame.  Kevyn Warnock

Above is one of Warnock's recent oil paintings, "On the Road".

Warnock's gallery co-chair, volunteer John Csongradi, couldn't be more different in artistic expression, as seen in "Zen" above. Observing these two at work is a lesson in showing that compatible minds do not necessarily create in like arenas. You will find Warnock and Csongradi in Studios 25 and 26, respectively, in the upstairs East Wing at PMA.

Speaking of diversity, an interesting group of new artists have moved into PMA's studios in the recent months. Above is an acrylic by painter Carol Golemme, who has a great affinity for water and the transformative properties of energy. "Rainbow Fall" is one of many colorful paintings that can be found in her Studio 21 in the upstairs East Wing.

Joining us downstairs is Ellen Brooks, in lower East Wing Studio 10. Her dyed fabrics are a luxury of flow on a versatile canvas, sometimes decorative and sometimes functional in application. Above we see "Mapping the Way", which explores a finite texture of detail as well as an atmospheric abstraction.
Down the West Wing hallway to the end, in Studio 14, is Walt Baczkowski. This sculptor works at bringing out the magical beauty of burl wood, smoothing out surfaces into forms suitable for tables as well as wall sculture.
During this open studios event on the 9th we have the special treat of a demonstration by new artist Yoko Tahara, who will be sharing the secrets of Ikebana in the community room across from her studio, West Wing Studio 11. Ikebana is Japanese flower arrangement, and works from basic principles that can transform any bouquet into a work of art. Her demonstration begins at 1 p.m. While Tahara's fine art expertise is installation, Ikebana is one of the artforms she incorporates and teaches in her studio.
In the news, our beloved Mad Hatter Wayne Wichern of Studio 3 has fully moved himself home to Seattle. Happily replacing him is the dynamically expressive painter Mary Gallagher Stout. The exuberance found in her art is as colorful as wild floral gardens meeting the urban landscape. There is never a dull moment inside lower level East Wing Studio 3.
At present we have Sterling Haidt, an experimental photographer, moving into lower level East Wing Studio 6, and we all look forward to greeting him and checking out his work. 
During the November 9 event you might find many artists at work in their studios if they are not chatting with guests. Museum Director Ruth Waters can always be found sanding or chipping away at some large piece of wood in Studio 13 when she is not answering questions. Ellen Howard and Kim Lordier of Studio 4 enjoy addressing the canvases on their easels. Krytzia Dabdoub will have news to share about exhibiting paintings at In-Spire Gallery, Miami, during the December Art Basel week. Linda Salter of Studio 2 might be working, or maybe schmoozing, or maybe nibbling... Her movement will be full of life, whatever it is. Doriane Heyman just let me know she is exhibiting at Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay this month and in Truckee at Art Obsessions Gallery during December.
Upstairs in the far south/eastern corner of the East Wing is Studios 30 & 31, where June Levin paints out her wisdom and joy. She says it all with her new oil painting "Ecstasy."
Or maybe it's that wacky Nancy Woods at the other end of the Museum Studios, (down in lower West Wing Studio 12) who pretends to hang out and do nothing with her series of lazy wall hangings. The one below is "Lazy Louie" and there are three more in the Studios Gallery exhibit "New Directions." Nancy Woods is another PMA volunteer that downplays the work she puts into the Museum: she makes all of the exhibition signs. Volunteers are gems!
Beyond these artists listed here, there are many more to see and chat with on November 9. We hope you join us for the fun, and at the same time you can enjoy the silent auction that will be going on (November 2-24) in the Museum's galleries. See you in November!

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