Opening Studio Doors in May

Opening Studio Doors in May

The Studio Artists at PMA will soon be opening their doors on May 4th and 5th as they participate in the peninsula wide Silicon Valley Open Studios event. This is always a joyous time of discovery, revelation and community spirit, all revolving around the creative spirit that is so important to successful living. Studios are open from Burlingame to Palo Alto on this particular weekend. We are the northern-most site on the SVOS map, and house 28 work spaces, the highest number of studios in one location.

For more information about our studios, please contact Ruth Waters (Executive Director of Peninsula Museum of Art and sculpting artist in Studio #13). You will find her at PMA most days. On April 27 you will find her at the STEAMfest event, Courthouse Square in Redwood City, 11 - 3.  Waters is deeply commited to incorporating art into the general life experience of children. STEAMfest is a fun day for creative education, where art is added to the mainstream educational practices of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. You will find more information about the sculpting and educational interests of Waters in this new video, just produced.

The 28 studio artists at PMA have been very busy this rainy winter. Travel, research into new mediums and practices, teaching classes, presenting/supporting solo and group exhibitions, and the constant applying of their particular crafts were all productive ways in which the sculptors, painters, printmakers, photographers and jewelers occupied their time.

In preparation for Open Studios, June Levin (Studio #31) traveled to Arizona to immerse herself in that state's uniquely inspiriting aspects of nature and culture. 

Nancy Woods created a second Lazy Ralph, which is painted on a surface that recently arrived from Tucson, via her brother who was unloading their Mom and Dad's "stuff." Nancy loves to put such practical items to good use. Since space is limited in her very busy Studio #12, she is happy to say the slim Lazy Ralphs fit quite nicely.

Downstairs and upstairs in Studios #8 and #33, Barbara Berk has been busy creating both large and small sculptural shapes by weaving bronze, stainless steal, and precious metal twine. Above we have Lace Nine: Sea Currents. It is a free-standing bronze wire sculpture measuring 15" H x 24" W x 18" D.

Krytzia Dabdoub has Studio #7, the largest of our studios. Within this expansive space Krytzia has the ability to spread canvas out across her floor and paint with a freedom that a smaller space would not allow. Above is Tona Toraya, which measures 40" x 30". Krytzia is also very generous with sharing her studio, offering it up for group Figure Drawing sessions that Rozanne Di Silvestro makes available on Fridays. Contact Di Silvestro if you are interested in joining the group (her info is far below).

Oil painter Kevyn Warnock (Studio #25) has been working on a few landscapes this fall and winter. Above is Winter Hills, CA, which measures 30" x 36". Kevyn found it satisfying to layer on many layers of paint while still leaving the bottom layer (an earthy red) to peak through here and there. She notes that this gives the painting an interesting depth.

At the time of this posting oil painter Greta Waterman is presenting her solo show in PMA's Studios Gallery. She worked for many months on her large paintings depicting the four main elements of nature. During open studios you will find these paintings in Studio #20.

The afore mentioned artist, Rozanne Di Silvestro (Studio #16), created the above dynamic print, which incorporates the layering of 5 monotypes. She is working on two different series at this time, and of this series the printer states: Doorways symbolize a study of choice. We live in a country and unprecedented age of possibilities with the freedom to choose, but choice is difficult because it also represents sacrifice. To choose something inherently means giving up something else. For me moving forward comes easy, but for many when presented a choice, they stand frozen in place immobilized. I am curious on what makes the difference.

At Open Studios you will find many artists happy to describe their creative process. Feel free to ask questions. For a more structured lesson, please join Ellen Howard in Studio #4 on Saturday, May 4. She will demonstrate her style of painting ocean waves with oils. 1-3 p.m. 

We look forward to seeing you on May 4 & 5.


"PMA Heartbeat" contains the personal observations of the artist in Studio 26, and not necessarily those of PMA as a whole.

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