Summer Days Unfold

Summer Days Unfold

While it might not be clearly apparent, lazy summertime can be an extremely busy time for the studio artists at PMA. It might be that any of the 29 artists are opening shows or closing shows, moving studios or preparating for fall open studios, working on mysterious projects or helping others brainstorm about projects; and it might be that some are flying around the region or the world in pursuit of collecting inspiration for future projects.

A quick recent scan found Linda Salter putting the finishing touches on an oil of blossoms rose picked from her garden. She is the featured artist at Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, presenting oils and pastels in her show "A Summer Bouquet" from July 1 through 31. 

Neil Murphy's piece that won a 2D award at the Bay Area Masters has been hung in the stairwell leading upstairs. Seen alongside his eye-mazing work are two pink pussy hat works by Linda Salter.

Ruth Waters exhibits her hand-carved hardwood sculpture "Seeking Harmony & Balance" in the Rotunda Gallery at the Government Center in Redwood City from July 6 through December 31.

Of note are the opening of shows in the museum's Decker A and Decker B galleries by the well known M. Louise Stanley and John McNamara, on July 29. These shows are not to be missed and happily run for a good amount of time, until October 7.

Teresa Hsu has been helping guest artist David Lew prepare for the next exhibit in the Studios Gallery. He will share his bold abstract mixed media works with us from July 19 and throughout August.

Leigh Toldi is working on a large installation-style exhibition of her miniature ink and gouache paintings/drawings. Over 100 new pieces (all created within the last year) will be arranged in a timeline format that will be viewable in the Studios Gallery from September 6 through October 21.

Barbara Berk is celebrating the completion and successful installation of her large commissioned sculpture, "Serenity," as she chats new ideas with Wayne Wichern. Or maybe they are chatting about the timing of Wayne moving his hatworks paradise into Studio 3. This should be happening any day now.

Kevyn Warnock paints almost every day of the week, working hard on her show of landscape/seascape oils that will be presented at Gallery House in Palo Alto in the middle of August.

Susan Switzer has shared her fine oil paintings with us in the Studios Gallery for a month now. "Angels in My Garden" will close on July 15.

Greta Waterman has moved her painting studio upstairs to the airy and light Studio 20. She presently has work in group shows exhibited at Redwood City's Main Gallery, the "+1 Annual Group Show," and at Fremont's Olive Hyde Gallery, "Summer Days."

Ellen Chong (previously of Studio 20) can be seen volunteering and teaching children art lessons at PMA. She recently moved her painting practice into her home workspace. 

Doriane Heyman continues to paint her way through mornings and lunchtimes. She periodically escapes the studio to head off to points local or far away (Europe), bringing back images to turn into canvases that continually please the visitors of the upstairs Studio hallways.

June Levin has been traveling, this time to Big Sur to talk inspiration with her painter/writer friend, Erin Gafill. Love for nature runs deeply through these two women.

Abstract painter Annette Legallet recently had a solo show in the Studios Gallery, took a periodic jaunt off into the traveling world, and continues to create the essence of wild nature with her paint and canvas when found in her studio.

Mike Kesselman is in almost every afternoon, banging away, creating the most imaginative sculptures out of practical objects that have lost their original function. 

Caroline Shaw can often be found in her downstairs studio during the afternoons, exploring the hills, waterways, and long vistas that she loves so much.

While I've known for a while that Eunice Chan is able to portray the true essence of spirit in her work, I have just learned she has quite a different talent. This strong and quietly respectful woman is on the Gallery Committee and happens to be "The Best Hole Spackle & Paint Filler in the World." The woman runs deep.

Ever dedicated, Kay Podolsky shares her time between generously volunteering at the museum and working at her intricate 3D photography.

Ellen Howard and Kim Lordier have been busy taking down their work that has been exhibited in group exhibitions in the museum and elsewhere. Ellen is a dedicated art curator and leader as well as painter. If you are looking for gold frames, Kim recently brought in some of her extras for sale to those who are interested.

Lisa Babbitt is exploring new dimensions within design and energetics as only the very creatively intuitive can do.

Photographer John Csongradi inhabits a darkened studio, but if you see his door open feel free to pop in and ask about his unique photographic process. Point of note: the mysterious abstraction found in his most imaginative work is not through manipulations of the image with photoshop. 

John is caught in a light moment in the Studio's upstairs kitchen. He was having lunch here last week when a new visitor to PMA (a bluegrass musician from the midwest) wandered into his cave and walked out buying one of John's intriguing prints.

Behind John are the mixed media portraits of Myrna Wacknov. She is often found in the afternoons working in her studio, right across the hall.

Abbas Orumchian continues to charm visitors with his seascapes, landscapes, and new figurative work. He can often be found in his studio when the museum doors open for the day.

Stephanie Chang has been very productive. Her studio continues to expand in delightful color as spring turns to summer, inside her studio and out-of-doors.

I love walking by the stoneworks of sculptor B J Stevenson. The insightful vision of this artist grows within me as my pathway expands in life. 

And that crazy Nancy Woods continues to paint furniture in a way that delights the visiting world within PMA. What's not to laugh and smile about when it comes to Woods' work. (Ask her about painting rocks.)

Right at this moment a new sculptor is moving into Studio 14, downstairs. Sculptor Margaret Realico originally hails from England, lived extensively in Hawaii, and currently recides on the Peninsula. She's adept at porcelain and assemblage.

Opportunity knocks on all sides!


"PMA Heartbeat" contains the personal observations of the artist in Studio 26, and not necessarily those of PMA as a whole.


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