The Grand Tour, Museum Galleries

The Grand Tour, Museum Galleries

Update: PMA has closed its doors due to loss of lease and Covid. We will keep a virtual presence as we find a new museum location. Please enjoy the virtual tour below.


Welcome to the Grand Tour!

Well, yes, we are currently closed.  Until we are able to welcome you in person, we thought you might enjoy a (virtual) Grand Tour of the current exhibitions AND an impromptu peek into our 28 working studios for professional artists. 

When the annual Silicon Valley Open Studios is rescheduled (penciled in as August 1 & 2), we will be open to real-life visitors and thrilled to see you.

Meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy the art!

Ruth Waters

Peninsula Museum of Art



The virtual tour is split between three blog posts. In this section we visit many of the artworks presently installed in the Museum's galleries. All four of the artists present very strong work, and we hope you are able to visit the totality of the artwork when the Museum is allowed to open once again. You will find more information about each artist at these links: 

Kamal Al Mansour: Art is the Weapon

Lynette Cook: Tales of the City


Tor Archer: The Iconic Figure

Diane Komater: Wirely Thinking

Kamal Al Mansour: Art is the Weapon

Lynette Cook: Tales of the City

To continue your virtual tour into the Museum's working studios areas, click on the links below.


Thank you for joining us on this virtual tour.

We are looking forward to seeing you in person soon! 


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