• Installation Co-creation

    LT | Sep 7, 2017

    I happened upon the installation-in-process of the group show Not Flat and recognized the signs of a successful installation experience. Installing a show with fellow artists can be a wonderful way to learn valuable skills and create community at the same time. If the artists don’t kill each other during the process, they’ll usually come out deeply bonded. 

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  • The Depth of Mountains

    LT | Aug 16, 2017

    Three museum exhibitions at PMA have me asking the question: What is a mountain and what is a molehill? Granted, human perceptions are the basis for human realities, but how stable are these perceptions? What connotes a living entity and what is stability?

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  • Where the Line Leads

    LT | Jun 23, 2017

    What is a line? From a very early age we learn about the paradox that are lines. While they are the gift-givers that hold up delicious lollypops, they are also the sidewalk cracks that can break our mother’s back.

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  • Reading Art for Depth

    LT | May 25, 2017

    This morning I walked by a car in which two teenage boys head bobbed and body rocked in a frenzy to “growl” music. The windows were up so the sound was muted, but strong vibes exuded a fair distance. A third youth walked by the car, grinning from ear to ear. These teens were in full and deep communication with each other about who they were, within their worlds, at that moment.

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  • Beat it to the Studios May 6 & 7

    LT | Apr 25, 2017

    PMA has its spring Open Studios on the first weekend of May. All 30 studio doors are open and visitors are invited inside to see the results of the past year’s explorations. There has been an exuberance of questioning and answering going on within the multiple creative formats.

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  • Art Philanthropist Ruth Waters

    LT | Mar 17, 2017

    On Sunday, March 19, PMA and San Mateo County are celebrating the 40 years that Ruth Waters, sculptor and painter, has contributed to the Peninsula's arts community.

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  • The Mark of Humanity

    LT | Mar 1, 2017

    Recently a visitor examining one of my paintings asked, “Is your brain like this?” It is an understandable question, but can it be answered? What is the “this” that the gentleman was referring to? The “this” was his own brain perceiving some type of reality through a perception that had been sparked by the imagery I had created through my brain.

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  • Art Through a Writer's Eyes

    LT | Feb 7, 2017

    One of the benefits of reading a well written book about an artist is that the author enables us to see the world through an artist’s point of view. Such was my experience upon completing Philip Kazan’s novel “The Painter of Souls,” a historical referencing of what might have been the personal motivations behind the early fresco work of Fra Filippo Lippi.

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  • Working Art into Change

    LT | Jan 13, 2017

    Life has a beautiful way of keeping us exactly where we belong. If we think we know where we want to go we can push hard and sometimes we can get to somewhere different, but the pushing affects the outcome and often we end up on a path different from what we had envisioned. This new place then opens up a world of content that teaches us remarkable new lessons.

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  • Frances McCormack Resonates

    LT | Dec 16, 2016

    Some people just figure it out, and painter Frances McCormack (presently exhibiting at PMA) is one of them. The question is, can one create paintings that touch all levels of the human experience (dark, light, and all that entangled spectrum in-between) and ultimately uplift the viewer’s spirit with symphonic resonance.

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