• Wilkinson Moves Home

    LT | May 20, 2014

    Wood sculptor Bob Wilkinson recently made the choice to move his mallet and chisels home after a long career at 1870 Art Center (Belmont) and here at the Peninsula Art Institute. Visitors to his studio know him as a sculptor who diligently bangs away at tree trunks and limbs, searching for and finally revealing, the beauty within.

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  • Tom Killion Prints, Wayne Wichern Hats, and the Kentucky Derby

    LT | May 10, 2014



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  • A Comfortable Sitting with Lisa Babbitt

    LT | Mar 12, 2014

    While working in my studio the other day I heard light, exuberant chatter echoing down the hall. Ah, yes, Lisa Babbitt, portrait painter. She was probably schmoozing another model into a sense of ease. Babbitt has a natural charm that is integral to her process of creating watercolor portraiture.

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