Angels in My Garden

May 31, 2018 to Jul 15, 2018

Traditional oil painter Susan Switzer explores and finds symbols of intimate and delicate beauty that grace the quiet moments of our urban world. With a careful eye and a sentive, gentle intention the artist looks deeply into her subject matter and pulls up and outward the light that accompanies shadow.

Switzer paints with oils using traditional methods of layering with many glazes. Arranging and painting still lifes is a favored form for compositions. In addition, she enjoys creating botanical watercolors that depict the delicate details of plant life. In her portraits and figure drawing she using warm, soft and sensitive shadings in order to bring out the humanity of the form.
At the age of 16 Switzer had the honor of being a protege of Italian master Roberto Lupetti. He was a restoration artist who worked on the Sistine Chapel ceiling at the Vatican. In college she earned a BA in Art and three California teaching credentials. Switzer has exhibited in Carmel as well as locally. Along with a career in painting still lifes and commissioned portraits, the artist is a teacher. She believes in the old phrase "Learn a skill, master a skill, then teach the skill." She passes along this healing and relaxing philosophy of experience by sharing her ample knowledge with her students.
Susan Switzer has a studio at Museum Studios and is currently teaching children and adult classes, beginning through advanced, in Studio 10.


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