Curious Maps of Impossible Places

Jul 27, 2013 to Sep 15, 2013

Burlingame’s Peninsula Art Institute (the Museum's Studios) presents an exhibit of abstract paintings and prints by resident artist Neil Murphy running from July 21st through September 15th in the institute’s first floor gallery.

There will be a reception, open to the public, from 14pm on July 27th. This reception coincides with the opening reception for a new exhibit at the Peninsula Museum of Art (same building complex) so attendees get a free double dose of fine art.

Neil Murphy’s paintings are unusual not only because of his offbeat subjects and rich sense of color, but also because of an unusual creative process that involves roundtrips between the digital realm and traditional media. Paintings start as layers of acrylic washes on unprimed canvas, are digitized, then further worked and reassembled in the digital domain. They are finalized as handpainted limited edition prints.


Murphy’s parallel careers in audio engineering and sound for film and video, and his role as founding partner and creative director of web production company Ghostdog Design, contribute to the technical agility and compositional impact evident in this new body of work.


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