Elements of Nature

Mar 14, 2019 to Apr 28, 2019

In this most recent body of work oil painter Greta Waterman pulls from the unique experience of living at Martin's Beach, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Her vista surrounded and grounded by our pristinely wild and semi-cultivated earth and fronted by the inherent freedom of sky and ocean, the painter brings to the gallery an exhibition reveling in what our contemporary world considers to be the four main elements of nature.



During ancient times it was believed that all earthly matter was made up of the main elements of earth, water, air and fire. Empedocles originally developed this concept, which was later expanded by Aristotle. More recent studies have concluded that simpler substances can all be connected back to these four elements.

In approaching this theme, Waterman combines a passion for color, bold brushwork and attention to drawing and composition.  

Originally from the New York Art scene, Waterman has been creating art since she was nine years old and exhibiting since the 1990’s, both nationally and internationally.  She received “Mellieur Colorist” in Paris, Unicef recognition for Europe, awards for excellence in Long Island as wells as other featured achievements. Her works have been exhibited in Monte Carlo, Tokyo, New York, Florida, California, Maryland, Washington DC and Santa Fe. When she moved to Half Moon Bay a few years ago, she joined some Plein Aire painting groups that thrust her attention to the outdoors. The breathtaking landscapes of California countryside and the pure energy of the ocean has given her new focus in her style -- an amalgomation of expressionism, cubism and fauvism. 

She states: “I believe art should be interpretive. I like abstract representation to give life to what I am portraying. The environment here on the coast is amazing.  I wanted to give tribute to nature’s four elements: Earth: as in the glorious landscape we see; Water: as it enraptures you and takes its own life form; Air: that is the sky that continually changes; and Fire: be it a reference to the Napa valley fires last summer or the fiery sunset over land and sea.“

Waterman's Elements of Nature is sure to delight and educate anyone wanting to experience bold new artwork from a local artist.



Greta Waterman can often be found at work in studio 20, at the top of the stairs in the Peninsula Museum of Art's east wing.


Top image: Earth (detail)



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