Mirrors, Pillows, and Closed Eyes

Jan 24, 2019 to Mar 10, 2019

Bay Area artist and art educator Lola Fraknoi presents a collection of new and enigmatic monoprints and sculptures. Fraknoi's pieces combine her passion of developing personal content with broader concerns about the future of our planet. Much of her work involves visual storytelling as transformed by her imagination. Her pieces are known for layering textures, photos, colors, and shadows, one on top of the other, as if in geological time.

For example, in her series, Mirrors for Women over 50, she examines the role of mirrors in our perception of aging skin. The pieces were inspired by conversations with women friends and the discovery of shared concerns/fears about what mirrors show.

The Pillow series came from the printer's battles with sleeplessness in the middle of the night. The pillow becomes the means to reveal night anxieties.

In her After the Fires series, Fraknoi takes a broader view, exploring our capacity for denial and our complicity in accepting global warming even as our world is drastically being affected by it.

Educated in Peru and the United States, Lola Fraknoi has a BA in art from Rice University and an MFA from California College of the Arts. Her mentors have included Bay Area artists Bella Feldman and Ruth Asawa. She is the founder of Ruth’s Table, a center for creative aging rooted in the work of Ruth Asawa, and located in the Mission district of San Francisco. She teaches art at City College of San Francisco and the OLLI Program at San Francisco State University. Her work is featured in a number of private and corporate collections.

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