Jul 18, 2019 to Sep 1, 2019

Bay Area artist, drummer, and pianist Margaret Chen presents an electrifying series of abstracts and abstract portraits that capture the spirit of life and the moments we live in.  


Chen’s pieces combine her passion and curiosity for life with bold brushwork, colors, layers, and shapes to represent bursts of positive energy and movement. Her delightful and unique approach to abstract portraits are interpretive representations that capture the essence of her subjects, while surrounding them in flattering, unexpected abstract compositions. The painter’s artwork resonates often with life enthusiasts who appreciate her large-scale, imaginative, complex juxtapositions of colors, shadows, light, and shapes

Abstract Blue

Margaret Chen has been a student of art since childhood, and has been creating acrylic paintings in her Burlingame studio for the last 8 years. Her work has been exhibited in galleries around the Bay Area.

She invites you to come experience the world through her eyes, and hear how she finds inspiration and expression from the everyday, imperceptible moments we live in. 


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