Spirit of Abstraction

Jul 19, 2018 to Sep 2, 2018

Using paint and occasional mixed media, David Lew presents a uniquely dynamic perspective of the world set in motion.

Presented in this exhibit are a series of abstract paintings in different shapes, textures and composition. Within the work one might find both realistic and abstract styles.


With Fish, which was inspire by Lew's water garden, light reflected in the water at various times of the day creates an incomprehensible optical illusion -- a vivid abstract effect. 

5 Abstract

The paintings exposing strata of crackling, distortive and wet-in-wet layers of pigment invite the viewer to participate in the process of discovery. David Lew says of his work: "The goal is to avoid an overly controlled expectation, to allow rich colors to flow, to clash and balance, until my intention is realized."

2 Blue

David Lew studied traditional paintings in Shanghai at the end of the Cultural Revolution, a time in which all kinds of art considered bourgeois liberal were denounced except those serving "proletarian" propaganda. He moved to Hong Kong (then under British control) and continued painting, working in freedom, and enrolled in the art school at Hong Kong Univesity. He later moved to Hamburg, Germany before settling in Northern California. 


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