Studios Gallery is Closed

May 28, 2020 to Sep 28, 2020

This show, originally scheduled for March, has been cancelled due the gallery closing.


Bay Area watercolor artist Teresa Hsu presents a selection of work from her most recent painting explorations. Hsu is known for her studies of rocks, leaves and intricate details found in nature.

The painter explains, “In my sometimes hectic life, I am able to escape to another world and feel the connection between my paint brush, the paper and subjects. I paint in the moment, choosing to paint things in nature that most of us often overlook.” She invites the viewers of her artwork to pause and reflect, thereby perhaps opening up to a sense of calm and Zen within that reaches beyond her imagary and into the viewers own simple joys in life. 

While working as a graphic designer, Hsu became inspired by the fact that watercolor is considered the most challenging of art mediums to control, and set out to study the techniques. Quickly finding herself a natural at the medium, she began painting rocks, a subject that allowed her to explore a multitude of textures. She often balances her diverse patterns with background fields of negative white space, thusly incorporating a sophisticated contemporary design sense into the compositions. 

Born and raised in Taiwan, she came to the United States in the early 80’s. She started drawing and painting at a very young age and studied art and commercial design in Taiwan, the United States and France. She moved to the Bay Area in the late 90’s but spent several years traveling abroad and living in Paris, She decided to return home and become a full time watercolor artist in 2004. She loves working as a Mandarin tutor and teacher in the Bay Area.

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