Wit and Whimsy

Nov 28, 2018 to Jan 13, 2019

Making 'em Gold

Museum Studios Gallery is pleased to announce the photographic exhibition "Wit and Whimsy" by the Bay Area artist Steven Shpall. This exhibit features photographs of everyday objects that have been digitally manipulated into images that at first feel like stop action photography, and then, on a double take, move off into the surreal. 

Let Them Eat Cake

The photographer's inspirations often start with a random conversation. Words turn into images and ideas evolve.

Shpall starts with a straight forward photograph and then adds or moves elements to achieve the final image. He alters everyday objects to create a more abstract or surreal scene. His keen eye for manipulating the tiniest bits of detail add charm and mystery to the equation.

Deconstructing the Dog

The exhibition "Wit and Whimsy" aims to present the viewer with a variety of scenes that must be looked at more than once to be fully understood. If the audience wonders “How did he do that?” then Shpall feels he has achieved his objective.

Banner image: Metamorphosis (detail)

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