You Can't Hide the Sun

Jan 19, 2020 to Feb 16, 2020

Neil Murphy's exhibit touches on current social themes that electrify, including one work about the puzzle pieces of our lives and how difficult it is to fit them together. Or is it... how joyfully they fall and fly apart? The exhibit title reflects the idea that much 'leaks out' from any attempt to cover-up reality.

With the casual peceptiveness of one who has traveled into the depths, explored, shifted, and come up and out a lighter and wiser soul, Murphy takes us into and out of his world with grit, humor, and grace. 

During his reception Neil Murphy, far right, discusses with a guest the socially relevant complexities of his subject matter. As abstract and uniquely symbolic as this body of work is, it can be said to dig deeply into an increasingly common phenomena of psychological confusion that is manifesting throughout modern society.

For example, university therapy departments are seeing a reshuffling of concepts of reality occuring in many of today's most intelligent rising star arenas. While the dark side of this confusion is always disturbing to see, especially when manifesting in America's top academic student body sectors, in some of these brilliant minds the free flying puzzle pieces are actually opening doors of creativity that are clearly leading society towards a greater sense of personal and world connection, and unfolding rays of hope for mankinds' future on this planet. 


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